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Our Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

Our firm has extensive experience and a significant practice in the following areas of litigation:

Personal injury claims arising out of and resulting from:
- Motor Vehicle Accidents
- Slip and Fall Injuries
- Defective Products

General Litigation:
- Contractual Disputes
- Property Disputes
- Builders’ Lien Actions
- Wrongful Dismissal from Employment

We strive to bring about an early and efficient settlement of litigation disputes through various procedures including discovery examinations, mediation and judge settlement conferences.

For assistance with a litigation matter contact:
Wayne J. MacMillan

Corporate/Commercial Law

We pride ourselves on developing a thorough understanding of the goals and objectives of our business clients so that we can provide proactive and cost-effective services.

Whether you are starting or expanding your business, we will provide advice on the most effective and cost-efficient business structure for your operation, be it a corporation, a general or limited partnership, a joint venture, or a sole proprietorship. Our experienced Corporate/Commercial lawyers handle all types of commercial transactions and financings, including restructurings, share transfers, asset purchases, commercial leasing, and amalgamations.

Our lawyers are also actively involved in charitable and non-profit work and regularly provide advice to societies, foundations, and non-profit organizations about a variety of matters.

For assistance with a corporate / commercial matter contact:
Patrick C. Lamey, KC, Maurice Boudreau, Noah Landry

Criminal Law

Being charged with a criminal offence tends to be extremely stressful. Our lawyers are experienced in protecting the rights to which you are entitled by law. We provide effective representation to clients charged with regulatory offences pursuant to Provincial statutes (such as the Wildlife Act and the Motor Vehicle Act) and a wide range of summary conviction, hybrid and indictable offences under the Criminal Code (such as impaired operation of a motor vehicle, assault, and break and enter). We believe we have the experience to assist you in navigating your way through the complex procedure of the Criminal Court process.

For assistance with a criminal matter contact:
Wayne J. MacMillan, Noah Landry

Family Law

The lawyers in our family law group recognize the sensitive nature of family law issues and have the experience to deal with these issues in an effective and compassionate manner. We strive to provide our clients with common-sense resolutions which are legally sound and practical. We encourage methods of achieving out-of-court settlements whenever possible.

Our family law group offers services for:

  • Separation and Divorce
  • Parenting Resolutions, including post-separation parenting plans and plans addressing custody, access, paternity disputes, and related court hearings
  • Division of Property including Family and Business Assets
  • Child and Spousal Support
  • Domestic Contracts, including cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts
  • Adoptions, both domestic and international

For assistance with a family law matter contact:
Wayne J. MacMillan

Real Estate Law

We have developed an outstanding Property Department comprising experienced lawyers, paralegals and legal assistants. We provide legal advice to buyers, sellers, developers, realtors and lending institutions. As our firm has practised in the real estate field since 1961, we have developed a large database of title searches in relation to properties in the counties of Inverness, Richmond, Victoria, Guysborough and Antigonish which proves to be an important resource in our current investigations of title.

The Land Registration System implemented in Nova Scotia in 2005 has transformed real estate practice and our firm has committed time and resources to training our lawyers and staff. We have worked to build and maintain our reputation of being a firm that provides top quality advice and service in all aspects of real estate work.

Choosing the right lawyer to assist with a real estate transaction is an important decision. We want to be your choice.

For assistance with a real estate matter contact:
Patrick C. Lamey, KC, Noah Landry, Maurice Boudreau, Maggie Samson

Wills and Estate Planning and Probate Administration

An efficient estate plan can provide for loved ones, minimize taxes, protect a family business, recognize charitable interests through contributions and achieve numerous other purposes. Our objective is to assist clients in developing estate plans that meet their particular needs and accomplish their goals. This typically includes the drafting of wills and / or family trust agreements. The possibility of incapacity, either physical or mental, may also be addressed through Personal Care Directives and Powers of Attorney.

Our lawyers practising in this area have extensive experience in the administration and probating of estates. From the opening of an estate, through to its closing, we will be pleased to assist you in our role as proctor, in the procedure of the distribution of estate assets to the beneficiaries.

For assistance with an estate planning or probate matter contact:
Patrick C. Lamey, KC, Noah Landry, Maurice Boudreau, Maggie Samson

I just want to thank you for the great job you did during my very trying divorce. Thank you for encouraging me as there were times I wanted to just give up.

Family law client