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Lawyer Wayne J. MacMillan

Lawyer Wayne J. MacMillan

The son of a coal miner from Inverness County, Wayne MacMillan has always applied a staunch work ethic to everything he does.

He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Economics in 1975 from St. Francis Xavier University and received a law degree from Dalhousie University in 1979. He practiced for 5 years in partnership with David E. Power in Gander, Newfoundland. In 1984, Wayne moved back to Cape Breton and became a partner in Evans, MacIsaac, MacMillan shortly after joining the firm. He served as president of the Strait Area Barristers’ Society for a number of years.

As his practice is mainly in the areas of Criminal and Family, his work includes a substantial component of courtroom time. And Wayne has thrived on the court cases that fill his days. "I enjoy serving clients and completing their work as effectively and expeditiously as possible," Wayne explains. He takes satisfaction in ensuring that his clients are well represented.

Wayne has made a significant contribution to the Strait Area Minor Baseball Association over the last 34 years. His roles have included volunteer umpire, coach and association president. He was named Port Hawkesbury's Provincial Volunteer in 2000.

"I do think I've been fortunate in my life, in many ways - growing up in a loving family, and having had my own family [he is a father of five and grandfather of four]; I feel a responsibility to give back to the community. If you've been given talents and treated well by life, the least you can do is give back to the community."

Today, as he reflects on a remarkable journey that included assembly line work with Mattel Toys in his younger years, Wayne is grateful for the chance to practise law in his native Cape Breton.

"It was an easy move to get back into this area - there were so many benefits," Wayne says of his decision to come to Port Hawkesbury. "The Strait Area is a great place to live and work."

Areas of practice: Criminal and Family Law, Civil Litigation

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Phone: (902) 625-0580
Assistant: Theresa Gillis
e-mail: theresa.gillis@emmlaw.ca

I consider the legal issues of every new client to be a new challenge. Some lawyers consider it boring and repetitive, and they don't find it challenging or exhilarating. But I find that when it's a different client, a different person, I start over and I'm solving their problems - that provides satisfaction for me.

Wayne J. MacMillan